Drone video Naxos(Greece) by featured creator Vaggelis Tzoumanekas of Island Videography.

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Drone video of Naxos, Greece by featured creator Vaggelis Tzoumanekas of Island Videography. Travel by drone to the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece.

Naxos is the larges of the Cyclades islands in the group in the Aegean. This Mediterranean island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and iconic Greek Cyclades architecture(white houses and unique villages from this video) beautiful white sandy beaches, which are different to beaches in the other islands of the Cyclades, this is due to their characteristic length. The beach of Plaka is the longest of these on the island.

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Owner: Tzoumanekas Evaggelos
Base: Naxos Cyclades Greece

This drone video was filmed using a DJI Phantom 4. The Naxos area is famous for its unique landscapes and many monuments and ancient structures such as Apollos Temple’s entrance, Temple of Demeter, Belonia Tower, Fotodotis monastery, some of which feature in this epic drone footage.

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