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March 2, 2017, Drones, 134 views
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This drone video compilation takes place all over the world, and is made from some of the best footage that has been submitted to us during October, as well as some epic new aerial footage that we found ourselves.

We couldn’t be more happy to be able to share this amazing footage that is sent to us on a daily basis!

These original videos were all created on drones and multirotors such as the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom series.

Winter in Norway, and incredibly beautiful sunrises over wet marshlands. Take an epic look over some girls in a tube in near the smallest island of the Saronic Gulf in Greece. Flying drones around the Swiss mountains is the best way to capture them! Bosham and Beachy Head lighthouse captured by Nick Perry.

This epic drone video compilation also includes some epic Jet ski action and a sail boat regatta, sunrise and sunsets by drone, and perfectly still water in Norway , a Drone selfie and the view from a drone In the clouds, lighthouses, The Colosseum in Rome, wildlife such as Seals and Whale drone videos , drone videos of fireworks and drone videos of rock climbing.

Most of these amazing clips were sent to our Facebook page by our fans and followers. We then shared each of them and selected the best clips to make this compilation.

Every month we also run a competition to find the best video creator and we have included the runners up in this aerial video compilation. There were a lot of really great videos that were sent to us!

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